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Thought & Energy: The Two Components That Shape All Masses in Everyone's Life

Updated: May 11

In the fall of 2022, I signed up a very special client. She started training with me for her upcoming wedding as she wanted to look her best in her wedding dress. And what made her very special for me as a client was that she's a space engineer who works for SpaceX in Inglewood, CA (as we all know Elon Musk is the head and CEO of the company). She is literally a part of the team who designs the spaceships that will get our first Martian astronauts to travel to Mars. So as we were training, there were numerous times I would ask questions about her work. Then one interesting question popped up about me. She asked me if I happen to qualify to be an astronaut who can fly to Mars, would I do it? My answer was a flat out "Heck no!!"

I told her, "Imagine the time it takes to get there. The travel itself is so dangerous but even the little things will get to me. What if one of the crew members get me mad? What if I miss home and want to go back?"