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Branding 2023

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Billboard Launch Date: January 30th, 2023

As of this year, one of my greatest goals is to brand my name. And what I love about this particular board is that there are distinctive words associated with my name: "The Power of Thoughts," and "The Power of Gratitude." These two powerful statements reveal the reasons why my face is up there.

Thoughts always become things. And I'm using the power of my thoughts to show what it can do. Slowly as time progresses, more and more people will start to think of the name "Tiger Joo Personal Trainer." And when they do, I want them to always remember the thoughts I made and how much energy I put into those thoughts so that the masses I build will become nothing short of breath-taking. As a trainer who began his career with almost nothing, I'm confident I can go even greater distances in the future. As I keep my thoughts and energy focused, I will work hard to brand my name even further and make sure people will learn important values as they listen to my name.

Ultimately, gratitude will be a huge driving force to my future success. As they say, life is never perfect, and even for me who has been living alone with the recent loss of my companion, Gongju, there have been real struggling times. But what would the point of life be if everything always went our way and we never understood what loss meant? Though I don't welcome the pain of losing Gongju, especially being alone, I try to become a better person by it. I work hard to spread my message and lately I also have been working hard on my own body by training daily. By focusing on the things I do have, I try to improve upon everything. So I say "thank you" to life. I say "thank you" to Gongju for helping me through the past rough times when she was alive. I say "thank you" to my clients who stuck with me after putting them through grueling work-outs. By doing so, I focus on what is good always.

Therefore, the "power of thought" and the "power of gratitude" are two powerful statements I am clearly representing from my billboard. If more people can understand how powerful their own thoughts are, if more people can understand how powerful it is to be grateful for the things that they have in life, I am confident we can transform the world into something incredible.

Let's all together expend our energy on our thoughts that will help build a better life and future. And let's never forget that this will be the only chance that we will ever get, and that no one can ever replicate the life that we live.

So make it a good one!

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