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Mass Can Never Be Created Nor Destroyed: How This Law of Physics Applies to All of Us

In physics, there is an understood law that states that mass can never be created and can never be destroyed. What does this exactly mean? Let's use a wooden box as an example. If I am to burn down an entire wooden box into ash inside a special container, and I measure its weight, I will get exactly the same weight of the box before it got burnt and after, meaning the box never was destroyed. It just changed into different forms of mass because it caught on fire. And thanks to my discovery of T=E=M (#thoughtisenergyismass) I now know that this particular law of physics applies to all of us in every day life.

Below I listed a few random masses that some of us may have owned or may still own today. Take a good look:







Now, regardless of which items you may currently possess, the fact remains that you did not create any of them. Even if you have the talent to build or construct any such item around you from scratch, it still came to existence from prior forms of mass. And also consider, whatever life circumstances you've had in the past, it led you to the current masses that surround you today. Perhaps you were born into a well-to-do home which helped you economically throughout your life, which also helped you maintain a purchasing power that others can't enjoy, etc. So what does all this mean for us?

I wish to share with you an exercise I invented that should help you see how certain masses took shape in my life. And this exercise is something you can do very quickly on your own. It will help us all see clearly how we can shape the masses we want for our future and help us keep focused on attaining them in a very realistic way. Please follow along:

#1. I am going to list the important masses in my life now that I currently possess and categorize them below:

  1. Living Situation: 1-Bedroom Rental Apartment

  2. Workplace: 1300 sq.ft 2-story fitness studio

  3. Automobile: Hyundai Sonata 2013

  4. Important Personal Belongings at Home:

    1. An art-piece

    2. A purchased upscale refrigerator

  5. Significant Gym Equipment (partial list):

    1. Elite FTS Squat Rack

    2. Dumbbell Rack 5 to 50lb pairs

    3. Workout Bands

    4. 2 TRX bands

    5. Iron Grip Plates

    6. 20' Rope

    7. Landmine Exercise Equipment

    8. Artificial Turf

    9. Titan Sled

    10. Atlantis Strength Cable Cross Machine

    11. Atlantis Strength Lat Pull/Row Machine

    12. Art-piece

    13. Rogue Trapbar

    14. PB Extreme Plyoboxes

    15. 2 Assault Fitness Bikes

    16. Inbody Machine

    17. 2 Uniform Frames Signed by Div.1 Athletes (my former students)

    18. A Constructed Shower Room

#2. I will go back 10 years past to 2013 and list my important masses back then and do a comparison:

  1. Living Situation: The American Cement Building

  2. Workplace: The American Cement Building

  3. Automobile: Hyundai Sonata 2013

  4. No Significant Personal Belongings at Home

  5. Significant Gym Equipment (full list):

    1. Dumbbell rack 5 to 50lb pairs

    2. 1 TRX band

    3. Workout Bands

    4. Stability Ball

    5. Used Commercial Treadmill

    6. Used Commercial Elliptical

First, let's look at my living situation and work situation past and present. The reason why I put The American Cement Building as both my living and work space in the past is because I was doing that for 8 years. As much as I wanted to, I couldn't afford to get a separate apartment as that would increase my overhead by over $2000/month. And The American Cement Building is designed as a live/work space for its tenants which made it very convenient for me to live there for such a long time. The space itself is very beautiful as it overlooks Los Angeles with one side of the entire wall being glass. However, for me as a personal trainer, it was never the ideal space for me to continue my work. I deeply wanted to move to a commercial location and live separately from it. I managed to do it after so long, which speaks miles about my accomplishment, and I will be discussing it more in my next post. But for now, let's look at my other belongings, past and present.

The one expensive item I was able to keep in the past 10 years is my car. I did a lease to purchase and it's all paid off now. But if you look at the other valuable items I had then and have now today, they are all extremely different. Though there were no significant changes that I have in my home, take a good look at the masses in my current gym vs. 10 years ago. If you total the items in terms of dollars, the differences range in the tens of thousands. In fact, the equipment I had back then probably added up to just a few thousand dollars. I lacked so much money, it took everything I had to even purchase a dumbbell set. Also I never took out a loan. Everything I purchased I saved up for.

#3. As for the final step, I will list the masses I desire to achieve by 2033, 10 years from today. By then I will be 56 years old:

  1. Living Situation: A high-rise condo

  2. Workplace: A full scale gym

  3. Ownership of Land to Build My Gym

Currently these three masses are the things I am shooting for while maintaining the enormous amount of masses I possess today (my apartment, my fitness studio, all the expensive gym equipment, my vehicle, etc.). And trying to acquire my future mass will take even more enormous amount of energy that I am not even close to having now. But I will keep working hard at it. If I got this far in life, why should I settle for less? My dreams in life are still up and alive. I'm not even close to where I fully want to be so I will just have to keep pushing forward, which my next blog post will discuss, as energy is what brings us the masses we seek. And if people apply their energy in the right way, they too can make all their dreams a reality.

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