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Personal Training

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

When I first started my career as a trainer, I really believed that personal training is a type of expense only people with money can afford to do. However, after years of experience, I am confident now that training is an extremely powerful tool for people to become better wholistically. I now also know that there is almost no greater investment for someone to have than to put money into their own bodies in order to maintain their strength, their youthfulness, leanness, health, etc. Personal training can transform you into someone you could never have been if it wasn't for your trainer. And the longer you stick with your personal training program, the transformation of mind, body, and even character will dramatically rise.

Imagine the discipline it takes for a typical person who never worked out in their life to now show up to a professional trainer who will take them through a highly physical demanding routine with the expectation that person will also try hard to maintain a healthy diet. And this typical person shows up every week sacrificing lots of money for this type of training program. In fact, they last into the years. The cost ranges over into the thousands of dollars. Was all that time invested?

Let's imagine this same typical person who never worked out in their life but decided to pass on such professional training service as it seemed too expensive. This person may have done a few workouts on their own at the gym but never really stuck with it. Years have gone by, and so unlike the prior scenario, this person had the freedom to spend all that money on other things. Perhaps that money was invested wisely into a home or an affordable vehicle, etc. But this person who never worked out with a committed personal trainer is now a person of complete different character.

One might agree on the fact that the person who went through years of a personal training program is definitely healthier and leaner than the person who did not undergo such a regimen. However, I would argue that the benefits are even far greater than that. Such a person of dedication to invest both time and money towards such training will have far more days and weeks and months of being in better mood, having less fatigue, being able to work harder, getting into less arguments with people, finding better relationships. If this person has a kid, they can play more together, rather than this mom or dad wanting to slump on the couch after work. Stress levels will also be down and depending on the age of this person, debilitating pain will also be completely avoided. So ironically, though a person can spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on a personal trainer, that person will gradually grow to have a better life, better opportunities to succeed, and a much better financial outcome than the person who decided against personal training.

I constantly argue that thought is everything in life. Personal training will consistently make any person's thoughts strong. No weak-minded person will ever sacrifice money to put themselves through intense workouts. And only the best of the best will last into it through the years.

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